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Merchant Fabrics established with a vision of providing various types of garmentswith quality and commitment together. Merchant Fabrics Can do all the items, displayed, with the price lowest than the lower, without compromising with the required quality and on time delivery, for the reason our suppliers and customers relationship goes beyond the business.

We believe the three parties should be happy on the fair deal, the first party is the respective Customer, the second party are the manufacturers them selves and our self as an sourcing agent being the third party with the fair deal considering the price level, ensuring quality and delivery on time.

Our team of highly professional and competitive people works with an objective of providing trendy, ready-made fashion garments of the best quality with timely shipments. This will give us an opportunity to be able to provide our ability.

Our buying business concept is "If you are born you have to die, if you live you have to buy." So why it is not through us? Please do visit us and consider us as your partner..


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